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Sally in Our Alley (1931, Gracie Fields, Ian Hunter, Florence Desmond)
The movie debut of Gracie Fields is cheaply made, but its filmed inserts from the streets of London are very interesting. Seen in back projection outside the door is a passing AEC NS of London General:
This is followed by a Leyland Titan TD1 of Premier Line, one of many taken into London Passenger Transport Board ownership in 1933 as part of its TD class:
Another NS passes in the other direction:
The next to pass is an open top NS:
......and then a tram:
Clearer is this street footage, and very angular bodywork on this early Leyland Tiger, followed by a variety of London General buses:
...and this is another Premier Line vehicle, this time a Leyland Tiger TS3 with London Lorries body. Sadly the registration plate isn't seen clearly. Premier Line ran a number of services competing with the Green Line network, until taken under LPTB ownership. This and its sisters were repainted in Green Line colours and became part of the TR class:
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