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The Sandwich Man (1966, Michael Bentine)
"Near the beginning of the film Bentine is seen boarding RTL362 (KGU438) on route 22, and there follow several internal and external shots (including one with a Duple Donington coach behind in traffic)" (thanks Jon Price) This sequence starts with a queue at a bus stop - and RTL362 can be seen parked in the background awaiting its cue. This RTL also appears in The Day the Earth Caught Fire (1961).
Sadly we don't see much of the Duple Donington bodied coach:
Bentine is then seen alighting from RTL1183 on route 44(LYF124)!
....while RTL362 continues to lurk in the background, this time on route 74:
....but when next seen it's back on 22. This time it's in the company of a pair of Bedford SB/Duple Bella Vega:
The whimsical nature of the comedy can be seen from this glimpse of a green Country RT, then a red RM in the background of a bizarre altercation:
Another RM on route 19, and a closeup of RM2031 (ALM31B):
A runaway lawnmower sequence (Jon Price suggests at Hyde Park Corner)features various passing buses, including a United Counties Bristol MW/Eastern Coachworks:
......followed by a Leyland Leopard/Plaxton of Black and White Motorways:
.....and another Bristol MW, this time with Bristol Greyhound:
Another Routemaster passes, RM2165 (CUV165C)
Bob Wingrove also recalls an Amphicar driving down the Thames - here it is!
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