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Sharknado V: Global Swarming (2017, Ian Ziering, Tara Reid et al)
2017 edition of the cult scifi movie series is partly se in Londn and I guess inevitably it involves an AEC Routemaster. Not so predictable is the actual Routemaster used. As a CGI version approaches, passing an ADL E400 bodied double decker, there's no clue........
In close-up there's a fake registration, P746YCY:
In fact, it's former London Transport RML2397 (originally JJD397D), which was exported to Sofia in Bulgaria, and given an unusual conversion:
The conversion to a nearside staircase is actually quite neat, although the paintwork is scruffy:
The interior is reasonable, but the posters inside are original:
Cassandra Scerbo as Nova is at the wheel - or is she? In some scenes she is sitting in the cab, in others she's back in the saloon, miming steering the wheel!
It's no surprise when the bus crashes on its side at the gates of Buckingham Palace, although by then we're back to CGI:
It's odd to watch the stars running about and fighting (CGI) sharks falling from the sky, while London traffic carries on around them. Here's an LT class New Bus For London:
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