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Ein Sommer in Oxford (2018, Mira Bartuschek, Michael Raphael Klein )
One of a number of similar likeable movies filmed across Europe, this shows off Oxford to good advantage, although the geography as the characters travel across the city is somewhat confused. An interesting selection of the buses serving Oxford is glimpsed in passing.
Opening is a wonderful but complicated view of St Aldates, albeit blurred; an Oxford Bus Volvo B11RT with Plaxton Elite i Interdeck bodywork overtakes a Stagecoach Oxford Alexander Dennis E400MMC, following an Arriva the Shires Alexander Dennis E400 in Sapphire livery. In the background are a Thames Travel Mercedes Citaro and a Stagecoach Oxford Alexander Dennis E200:
Still in St Aldates is a Stagecoach Oxford Van Hool TD927 Astromega in Oxford Tube livery:
An Oxford Bus Volvo B5LH/Wright passes too close to the camera to identify:
This elderly taxi (hired for the movie) passes a Stagecoach Oxford Alexander Dennis E400MMC:
Another Stagecoach Oxford E200 in St Aldates:
Crossing Magdalen Bridge are another Oxford Tube, then a Stagecoach Oxford E200 following an Oxford Bus Alexander Dennis E400H in Park and Ride livery:
Back to St Aldates, and Stagecoach Oxford 10788 (SN66VZK) a coach seated Alexander Dennis E40D, arrives from the former UKAEA Harwell site:
Dr Nina Petersen (Mira Bartuschek) is trundling her suitcase along the High. In the background, travelling in opposite directions, are two Oxford Bus Wright Streetdecks route branded for route 5:
She's accosted by the taxi driver assigned to her, and they cross in front of another Stagecoach Oxford Alexander Dennis E40D:
At the taxi an Oxford Bus Scania N230UD/Alexander route branded for the BrookesBus services passes behind them, and another view of St Aldates shows another (or the same) followed by a Thames Travel Mercedes Citaro:
Dr Petersen is passed by Oxford Bus 353 (R3OXF), a Volvo B5LH/Wright, and then a Stagecoach Oxford Alexander Dennis E400H:
You have to be sharp eyed to spot this one - it's Oxford Bus 367 (V17OXF), a Volvo B5LH/Wright - the Oxford Pride bus:
More Stagecoach Oxford Alexander Dennis E400MMCs, one leaving the Plain, one approaching it across Magdalen Bridge:
An Arriva the Shires VDL SB200/Wright in Sapphire livery passes in the High:
...and the last bus in the movie is PO56JEJ, new as Tappin of Didcot 56 for the City Sightseeing Oxford fleet, but by this time owned by Oxford Bus albeit retaining its fleet number. It's a Volvo B7TL/East Lancs:
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