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Spiceworld (1998, the Spice Girls)
In retrospect, freed from the hype, this isn't as bad a film as you might think, although it's still pretty bad. The real star is a customised Bristol VRTSL3/Eastern Coachworks painted in Union Flag colours with lowered roof - played by former East Midland 172 (VTV172S), which later passed to Oxford Bus Museum for spares. Registration plate for the purpose of the movie reads '5 GIRLS'
Interestingly it's an awful lot bigger on the inside than the outside.
The bus driver is played by heavyweight singer Meatloaf, but later in the movie Victoria Adams (Beckham) takes the wheel:
The slightly odd proportions of the modified bus can be seen as it passes a London Metrobus. The model shot of the Spice Bus jumping Tower Bridge - well, less said the better, methinks:
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