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Three Hats For Lisa (1965, Joe Brown, Sid James, Una Stubbs)
Opening views of a taxi (driven by Sid James) arriving at London (later Heathrow) Airport, with in the background a Weymann bodied AEC Reliance, also what appears to be a Bedford VAS:
There's a discussion in the back of Sid's taxi while traffic passes in back projection, including a Leyland RTL and either two green AEC RFs or the same one twice:

We see RT family buses at Piccadilly Circus, and an AEC Routemaster on route 15, RM1877 (ALD877B):
There is a BOAC coach poking its nose out of the terminal at Victoria, but not really far enough to identify it:
....and as Sid James drives his taxi into Victoria Coach Station, there are some interesting glimpses: an AEC Reliance from Maidstone and District, possibly a Trent Reliance, and a South Midland Bristol MW, also a Black and White Motorways AEC Reliance:
As the car turns we see a different view - from the right, a South Midland Bristol MW/Eastern Coachworks, a Midland Red BMMO CM5T (note the toilet cubicle visible at the back), Southdown Leyland Leopard/Harrington Grenadier, a second Southdown (either Weymann or Harrington) parked behind a third, then a pair of Maidstone and District Harrington Wayfarer coaches. The vehicle in front of the right Maidstone coach might be East Kent, but it's hard to tell! Barely seen in the foreground is a Leyland Leopard/Willowbrook of East Yorkshire:
After more discussion, they drive out again, and this time we glimpse a Bristol MW and two Bristol REs of United Counties, and an AEC Reliance of North Western Road Car:
I'm open to offers on the coaches that have now pulled in on either side of the South Midland:
Finally two RMs and an RT family bus pass under the closing credits:
(Suggested by Colin Read; thanks also to Steve DeBank at Britmovie and Bob Wingrove)
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