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A Taste of Honey (1961, Rita Tushingham, Dora Brian, Robert Stephens)
Kim Rennie notes a brand new Manchester double decker, identified by Jon Price as a Daimler CV , fleet number 4*86, seen several times in the film; internal and external shots. David Beilby confirms "The bus would be 4586. I remember it as one of that small batch and your other contributor has identified the rest of the number. It runs to Castleton, which for the purposes of the film is in the one in the Peak District, but for Manchester's blinds it was the one between that city and Rochdale." Screencaps by myself and Bob Wingrove confirm this as 4586 (4586NA), a 1961 Daimler CVG6 with Metro-Cammell body. Bob notes that filming took place in Salford, but Salford Corporation refused to provide a bus for filming.
Also glimpsed are various buses and a singled deck tram on the front at Blackpool:
Malcolm Crowe advises the bus garage overlooked here is Stockport (Mersey Square) seen from the rear. The buses are North Western buses on layover.
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