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The Transport (1950, dir Peter Bradford)
Sponsored by the British Transport Commission, this documentary is an argument for the nationalisation of roads, railways and waterways. Not surprisingly, there's plenty of bus interest. Screencaps are by Bob Wingrove. These are Gilfords:
This appears to be the overspill park for Victoria Coach Station:
There's a shot of a Royal Blue AEC Regal (possibly from the ETAxxx batch) on a relief service to Southampton:
There are glimpses of London Transport RT family buses, the second including a trolleybus:
An SMT Bedford OB with unclear registration, possibly FFS616:
United Automobile drivers receive instruction on a Bristol chassis:
London Transport STLs:
RT1231 (KGK700):
Assorted London Transport AEC ST driver trainers, including ST349 (GK3001) and ST417 (GK3066):
....a group of London Transport trolleybuses and a tram:
Finally this shot of Eastern Counties FNG821 in Norwich - a highbridge Bristol K/Eastern Coachworks:
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