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This Above All (1942, Tyrone Power, Joan Fontaine)
During the Second World War, a WAAF of aristocratic birth (Fontaine) becomes involved with an AWOL soldier. There are a number of clues that this English-set movie was filmed in the USA, includingh the use of this fake 'London' bus, which they jump off in the rain. Curiously the registration plate (GT7455) is a valid London Transport plate, but it would have been seen on LT class AEC Renown LT851 - this vehicle carries fleet number STL1734, which would have had registration DGX279 and a roofbox body. The bus had been used in the 1937 movie featuring Joan Fontaine, 'A Damsel in Distress', with the same fleet number but registration AYV604, which properly belonged to STL446.
This very much older bus seen burning also carries a plausible registration plate, albeit indistinct:
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