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Tickets for the Zoo (1991, Channel 4 made for TV film)
"Shot in Edinburgh about the plight of a young homeless couple, Carol and George - first shot is of Carol on the top deck of what looks like an ECW-bodied Lothian Region Transport Olympian.

Shot 4 is LRT Olympian 740 (B740 GSC),an ECW bodied Olympian pulling up outside Edinburgh Zoo (side angle with fleetnumber clearly visible).

Shot 5 is a cutaway - then when we cut back to exactly same angle- which is shot 6 - Carol is seen leaving the bus, which has miraculously transformed to bus 333! (E333MSG - an Alexander bodied Olympian) (Well these buses all look the same don't they?)

Whilst flathunting another shot of the couple taken from the upper deck of an Olympian heading down the Mound with West Princes Street Gardens in the background, they spot another couple they know being questioned by a policeman with an Alexander bodied Olympian of the 300/800 batch in the background bearing the destination 'Portobello, Mound, Duddingston' (route 42/46) and final destination 'Bingham' (42/46 would have displayed 'Circle') but on fictitious route '179'. It also appears to be heading DOWN Ramsay Gardens - not used by any services.

In a night time shot two Atlanteans chase each other past the old 'Kings Wark' pub and right into Bernard Street, (I think) at the Shore in Leith (approximately 43 minutes in).

Another night shot of George Street, and another (the same!): two Atlanteans chasing each other under the Christmas lights, one is on route 55. (1 hour 3 minutes).

Various other bits and bobs of unidentified Lothian Olympians/Atlanteans appear in the background, telephoto establishing shots etc.

As is usual with most stuff shot in Edinburgh most of the supporting actors appear to have, foreign to this locale, Glaswegian accents!"
(thanks Scot Fergie)
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