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The Titfield Thunderbolt (1953, Stanley Holloway, John Gregson)
One of the classic railway movies, this Ealing comedy depicts the efforts of a group of villagers to keep their branch line to the nearby town of Mallingford in the face of closure threats and competition from the local truck operator, Pearce and Crump. Mr Pearce buys a new bus for the purpose. At first it carries 'Private' as its destination, later it is seen to carry 'Mallingford' on the front. Pearce and Crump try to delay the train by parking truck GL1674 on the line. The engine pushes the truck out of the way, and also wins a shoving match with road roller CH3282. Towards the film's end the coach suffers a collision with a police van. The coach is a Bedford OB/Duple, GAM338.
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