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Tommy (1975, The Who, Oliver Reed, Ann-Margaret et al)
"There are a few nice shots of GS43 (MXX43) in Southern Motorways livery" (thanks Kevin McGowan) - this is one of the legendary London Country Area Guy Specials with Eastern Coachworks body. Jon Price notes it "complete with rear blind set for route 19 to Alton taking visitors to Bernie's Holiday Camp."
Towards the end Southern Motorways vehicles feature again, bringing 'pilgrims' to Tommy's Holiday Camp; three or possibly four Bedford YRQ/Van Hool coaches. Southern Motorways had seven altogether, registrations WUR861-8K.
It's amusing to note Roger Daltrey as Tommy running hell for leather along Southsea seafront in one scene. You can tell it's Southsea because in the background is an SRN6 hovercraft crossing the Solent from Ryde to Clarence Pier!
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