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Train of Events (1949, dir Sidney Cole and Charles Crichton)
Colin Read observes "THE film for transport enthusiasts! Brief street scene early on with good rear shot of London STL (unidentified). Views of London trams and glimpse of Green Line T-type. Tram crossing Westminster Bridge. Travel Agent's scene: at least 11 buses can be seen outside: 5 STLs, one ST, 4 RT/RTL and one Guy. Plenty of steam as well." Certainly this STL on route 13 can't be identified, sadly;
...nor can this trio: one passing the window and another at a bus stop, which pulls away to reveal a third. This appears to be back projection:
.....but this is footage shot on the street:
This is the G-class Guy Arab:
...and the glimpsed T-class AEC Regal:
In this scene the stream of buses past the shop window is almost continual - stills don't do the sequence justice:
Another glimpse:
I believe we saw these two buses in the previous travel agent's scene but we see more of them this time because the foreground is different - repeated back projected film:
This tram seen at night is not well lit!
....and this background tram is too blurred to see properly:
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