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The Transporter (2002, Jason Statham)
Scot Fergie notes "At one point 'the Transporter' [Statham] gets knocked off an articulated lorry and falls onto the roof of a bus (French, singledecker) and holds onto the roof till it goes back to the depot." It's a Mercedes 0.405 of RTM in Marseilles, who have many of these buses, with and without air conditioning packs. Both types are seen in the sequence that follows. Necessarily RTM 714 on which the Transporter arrives has no air con:
"In the depot he is surrounded by about 30 baddies - cue huge fight inside a bus, outside the bus, in the garage - you name it, it's got it! You should see what he does with drums of used engine oil! (Continuity error - the bus he jumps on has '15' on the rear digital screen and '21' on the front)."
The other 0.405 clearly seen is air con equipped 746:
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