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Trouble in Store (1953, Norman Wisdom)
Opens with an aerial shot of London's Oxford Street, with a number of RT-family vehicles including a 2RT2. Seen in traffic are London Transport RT2822 (LYR992) on route 13 (with 5-line intermediate blind) and RT2396 (KLB775) on route 137 (with restricted blind).
Wisdom is seen riding his bike alongside an unidentifiable RTW (it's a back projection), then after he falls off his bike RT1214 (KGK683) on route 7A is seen. He falls in front of RTL1337 (MXX100) and burns his hand on the radiator in an argument with the driver.
In a second sequence, Wisdom is in a long bus queue with a young lady. RT4091 (LUC440, again with 5-line blind) on route 12 passes, then RTL478 (KLB697) on route 88 arrives, with alongsideit an AEC Regal III, HYP309. This coach had an interesting history, as related by Dave Farrier: "It survived at least into 2006 as Malta Bus DBY-346. It was new in 1948 with a Plaxton body (possibly to Rickards) and exported to Malta in 1962 where it received a Zammit B40F body (modified several times). The last UK owner was Catt and Swinn (Great Bromley, Essex)."
Incredibly Mike Penn photographed DBY-346 in March 2008:
The young lady climbs aboard, but Wisdom can't. He then discovers he's holding her handbag and chases the bus on a pair of borrowed rollerskates. He's seen chasing RT2944 (MLL710)(during which a couple of STLs are also seen):
then finds himself waiting at traffic lights alongside RTW18 (KGK518 - again a back projection - in this screen capture he's ducked down behind the car).
When the lights change he's now chasing RTW43 (KGK543) on route 8.
In the next shot, seen from behind this suddenly becomes D104 (GYL269), a Daimler CWA6 with Brush body, on route 88!
However, when the young lady gets off the bus it's once more an RT-family vehicle, having been a Leyland, an AEC and a Daimler in the space of a short ride.
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