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The Wayward Bus (1957, Jayne Mansfield, Joan Collins, Dan Dailey)
Adapted from a John Steinbeck novel, a small group of bus travellers encounters hazards crossing a mountain region of California.
Guess it's useful to use a small bus, because all the passengers remain in easy view of the camera - in this case it's a rather battered Dodge named 'Sweetheart':
Camille (Mansfield) arrives to join the bus on an ACF-Brill with fleetnames for 'Grey Fox Bus Lines', but has to be woken:
The bus sets off from Rebel Corners Bus Station, heading for San Juan:
.....but soon runs into trouble in heavy rain, narrowly avoiding a landslide - note the use of a model in the first shot:
The next difficulty is a bridge over a swollen river, which is in danger of collapse. The passengers go over on foot, then the bus follows and only just succeeds; again there's some use of a model:
The driver loses control, and the bus ends up in a pond:
The misses Collins and Mansfield are not looking amused:
Finally the bus arrives at San Juan Bus Station, where two ACF-Brills of Grey Fox Bus Lines are already parked:
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