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Whirlpool (1959, Marius Goring, Juliette Greco)
British-made film shot mostly on the Rhine nevertheless features two UK coaches - these screen captures were posted by Alexander at the Internet Movie Cars Database:
The red coach is a Bedford SB/Duple, but the white coach is something of a mystery. It appears to be an AEC Reliance with Duple Elizabethan body, but the AEC badge appears to have been doctored. The German registration plate is a fake added for the film, and it seems that the large winged logo on the front is also a fake. Can anyone suggest where this might have been filmed? Stephen Allcroft suggests the coach may be TRO540 of Biss Brothers of Bishops Stortford; has anyone got a picture of it to compare? (Yes, I know these captures are displayed in the wrong order!!!!) Also briefly seen is a Mercedes 0.3500:
Alexander has posted a different view of this bus - would any one like to identify the other two coaches?
(original screencaps by Paul Denyer at Mercedes in the Movies )
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