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My Zinc Bed (2008, Paddy Considine, Uma Thurman, Jonathan Price)
Opening scenes include East Thames Buses VWL2 (LB02YWY)on route 1. It's a 2002 Volvo B7TL/Wright new to London Buses, and it's followed by another East Thames bus, an ELS class East Lancs bodied Scania N94UB on route 42:
Considine takes one of those strange London bus journeys that involve a number of different vehicles. Seen from the bus Considine is travelling on is Metroline VPL191 (Y191NLK), a 2001 Volvo B7TL/Plaxton President; it's following a Dennis Dart/Plaxton:
Two Arriva London DW class DAF DB250/Wright are followed by another Wright bodied vehicle, then a solitary Wright 'decker is seen against London's modern skyline:
Surprisingly a Carousel Buses Dennis Trident is seen with Nelson's Column behind it:
....and there's also a glimpse of one of London's illfated Mercedes Citaro 'bendibuses':
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