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The Beatles

Free As A Bird

Features a glimpse of a Liverpool Corporation Leyland Atlantean/MCW, possibly L835. (thanks Jim Gorman)

Penny Lane

Ken Lansdowne confirms Pete Weatherby's sighting of a Liverpool Corporation bus with 'Penny Lane' as the destination.
Dave Karr adds "I drove one of the buses in the film. There were four vehicles used in total and all came from the old Prince Alfred Road Depot (called PAR South Div). All the vehicles used were in service at the time for different routes and asked to change their number and route plate on the front to read Penny Lane 46 or 99. We drove out of Heath Rd into what is known as Penny Lane but in reality is Smithdown Place, and the filming took approx 2 hours in total. The vehicles used were AEC Regent Vs and NOT the London Routemasters used in the models which sell as the Beatles Penny Lane Bus." Also seen is a Leyland Atlantean:
and a London Transport AEC Routemaster is glimpsed behind John Lennon:
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