For Tomorrow

In the video for this 1992 single, singer Damon Albarn hangs off the platform of a London Transport AEC Routemaster/Park Royal on service 12 while going round Trafalgar Square. Ken Lansdowne notes the Routemaster carries registration OYM374A, which makes it RM9, which carried this registration between 1987 and 1995. A few other buses are seen in the background, including an M-class MCW Metrobus:

Coffee and TV

Dark blue Bedford YRT/Plaxton coach 492DTT is featured, fitted with seats and tables. Previously registered LAA301N, owned in January 2001 by Translux, Notting Hill (thanks Dave Farrier, Martin Ingle and Stephen Parker, screencap by Daniel Dey)


Features a London AEC Routemaster/Park Royal displaying route 700 - Parklife. (thanks Carlos Wallberg - screencaps provided by Daniel Dey)
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