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Gene Pitney

24 Hours From Tulsa

John Hewitt caught a clip from this on an edition of the BBC2 'Never Mind The Buzzcocks' quiz show showing Gene Pitney sitting at the back of what might be a Duple bodied coach. John suggested seeing the full sequence might reveal an external shot of the vehicle, so I followed this up. The truth was even stranger than I'd expected. American icon Pitney sits in the back of a Duple-bodied Bedford VAM while crossing the then new Severn Bridge from England into Wales. The song was released in 1963; the bridge was opened in 1966, so this sequence would I'd guess be from a UK TV special:
The shot from up in the luggage rack is especially notable! And I'd guess it might well take 24 hours to get from the Severn Estuary to Tulsa, Oklahoma:
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