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Holiday Traffic Jams (1968, British Pathe)
This stock footage includes several gems! RHMS KHP778E is a 1967 Park Royal Royalist bodied Albion Aberdonian VK43L, one of a pair:
It's followed by Eastern National 1610 (186XNO), a coach seated Bristol Lodekka FLF6G/Eastern Coachworks new in 1962:
Not far behind is Brunts LHX510C, a 1965 Harrington Legionnaire bodied Bedford VAL14:
BOF168C is a (Ford) Thames Trader 570E with Duple Trooper body new to Allenways of Birmingham:
No definite ID for this Bedford VAS/Duple, or a distant Plaxton, or a much nearer Bedford VAL14/Plaxton:
Another Bristol Lodekka FLF/Eastern Coachworks, this time bus seated, but I'd guess also from Eastern National:
Finally we see 199MT at speed, a 1961 (Ford) Thames Trader 570E with Burlingham body, new to Fox and Hart of Hounslow:
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