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London Traffic - Early (undated, British Pathe)
General footage of London traffic from early to mid 1930s, possibly 1932. A blackboard on which is chalked 'Fires of Fate' is seen in one shot - this is the title of a movie made in 1932 by British International Pictures, and it's suggested the footage was shot for inclusion. Three STs pass a policeman on point duty and a large number of LTs, STs and NSs are seen.

Identified vehicles:

NS181 (XO1097)

NS1611 (XU6152)

ST431 (GK3158)

ST73 (GC3989)

NS1042 (XP8224) (Metropolitan fleetname)

ST378 (GK3035)

T285 (GH8098) (Green Line livery)
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