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New Gas Driven Bus AKA Perth (1937, British Pathe)

Highland Omnibuses single decker pictured in Perth running on trade plates: 025ST

Peter Tulloch comments: "The vehicle is:

       76   ST9465 Gilford HSG H1501 Cowieson B31R New 12/37 to Highland Transport, Inverness.

However, in an article in the 21st May 1938 edition of Modern Transport there is an article on Highland Transport. In this article the author claims that Highland Transport have a very well equipped body shop which carries out many a substantial rebuild. He goes on to claim that they laid down the body for one vehicle which was mounted on the 'gas bus'. This can only be ST9465. It may well have been that the body was completed by Highland, but on Cowieson frames.

Incidentally, the body was later removed from the Gilford, rebuilt to B35F configuration and fitted to MV1878, an AEC Regal with Highland Transport (54)."

Martin Ingle comments: "ST9465 is one of those vehicles that's terribly famous but never quite got right – it wasn't registered until 1/38 and quite obviously not B31R as the stills clearly show!!! Squinting at the enlarged stills puts it at B32F."

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