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Trouble at the Front (British Movietone, 1965)
A newsreel piece on the introduction of rear engined, front engined buses in London. London Transport XA12 (CUV12C), a Park Royal bodied Leyland Atlantean, is seen undergoing trials on route 24 alongside conventional rear entrance buses:
As an establishing shot a group of AEC Routemasters (and an RT) are seen in Gillingham Street garage, Victoria. The only one identifiable is RM2019 (ALD19B):
London Transport's Saunders bodied AEC RT1378 (KXW477) is seen in service:
XA12 is seen in service on route 24, with views inside and out. This route was run from Chalk Farn garage, hence the 'CF' garage plate:
XA12 pulls out across a Routemaster also on route 12, one of the xxxDYE batch, with the tower of Big Ben in the background:
The dilemma for passengers is demonstrated, as XA12 arrives at a bus stop and a woman goes to the back of the bus in vain, while an RT approaches:
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