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Victoria Coach Station (1986, Thames News footage)
A glimpse of an Alder Valley Londonlink Leyland Leopard/Plaxton:
A glance at Victoria Coach Station itself from the outside:
A United Counties Leyland Leopard/Duple Dominant II; I believe it's 156 (VNH156W):
A 1984 National Welsh Leyland Tiger/Duple Caribbean in National Express Rapide livery:
London Transport AEC Routemaster in the bus lane with a MCW Metrobus crossing behind it:
London Country Green Line TD12 (YPD112Y), a 1983 Leyland Tiger/Duple:
An Oxford City Link Leyland Leopard/Duple Dominant II:
An East Kent Leyland Leopard/Duple Dominant:
Ambassador Travel LT910 (B910UPW), a 1985 Leyland Tiger/Plaxton:
National Welsh XC1256 (A256VWO), a 1984 Leyland Tiger/Duple Caribbean:
London Transport MCW Metrobus:
A Maidstone and District Leyland Leopard/Duple Dominant:
London Country TP61 (B261KPF), a 1985 Leyland Leopard/Plaxton in Flightline 767 livery:
A Wessex MCW Metroliner in National Express Rapide livery:
An Alder Valley Londonlink Leyland Olympian coach is followed by Oxford Citylink 14 (YFC14R), a 1977 Leyland Leopard/Duple Dominant II, which itself is followed by a Cambus Leyland Leopard/Plaxton:
Inside Victoria Coach Station itself, an Alder Valley Londonlink Leyland Leopard/Eastern Coachworks and two Oxford Citylink coaches, a Leopard/Duple Dominant and a Leyland Tiger/Plaxton:
Two MCW Metroliners, a Leyland Tiger/Duple Caribbean and two Leyland Leopards:
I believe this is Eastern Counties LL828 (WEX828X), a 1982 Leyland Leopard/Eastern Counties:
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