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York Poor Children's Fresh Air Fund (1934, Tower Pictorial News)
Newsreel footage of a massive operation to transport children from York to the coast at Filey for the day. Although released in 1934, this appears to have been shot some time earlier, possibly 1928 or 1929.
Three different operators' vehicles are identifiable, West Yorkshire Road Car, Everingham Brothers of Pocklington and Corcoran of Tadcaster.
The convoy is led by impressive-looking Gilfords VY653 and VY654, with numbers 1 and 2 in the windscreen. VY653 has its canvas roof closed, that on VY654 is rolled back:
They're followed by VY1122, an AJS with canvas roof open, and with 3 in the windscreen:
4 is a charabanc; the registration plate isn't shown fully, but I believe it may be DN6089, a 1925 Maxwell:
5 is WF3075, a small Chevrolet:
A clear view of the registration is impossible, but 6 following it appears to be WU6214, a 1926 Guy new to Dibb and Warne:
No view of 7, but 8 is carried by West Yorkshire 36 (WU9675), a Tilling-Stevens B9A/Tilling new 1927:
This bus doesn't get close enough to identify:
11 and 12 are West Yorkshire 247 (WW7114) and 248 (WW7115), both 1928 Tilling-Stevens B10A2/Tilling:
West Yorkshire 301 (WU8423) is a Leyland Lion PLSC1/Leyland new 1926 and acquired from H Riley in 1927:
WF1234 is an Everingham of Pocklington vehicle, not clearly seen:
DN9185 carries 143a - is this its fleetnumber?:
Corcoran of Tadcaster WW4570 is a 1928 Leyland Lion PLSC3/Leyland, seen in a gloomy building
Another Corcoran bus is WX4479, an AEC Regal 662, and WW4570 follows it out:
Three of the convoy are seen on the road:
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