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All That Mighty Heart (1962, British Transport Films)

Classic depiction of London's transport from early morning to late at night.

Opens with a view of Stockwell garage as a Leyland RTL pulls out to start work. Also visible are green and red RTs, RTLs and RMs:
Also leaving on route 48 is AEC Routemaster RM403 (WLT403)
.......and AEC RT1763 (KYY601) on route 13:
A man boards Green Line AEC RF247 (MLL784), operating from Stevenage garage; note the conductor waiting inside the door:
Interesting to see an RTL and an RT side by side:
Victoria bus station, and a mix of RTs:
RT1763 again:
Leyland RTL950 (LLU940) on route 2A:
Country Area RT4787 (OLD824) goes through the bus wash at Stevenage garage.....
.....before picking up a woman passenger to take her into town on route 801:
Another Country Area RT on route 303A follows an RF:
No ID for this RF arriving on route 384, but following it to the same stop on 384A is RT4161 (LYF220):
Back to the red fleet - RTL738 (KXW88) on route 74 passing London Zoo:
RTL776 (KYY746) heels over at speed on route 2A:
RT2309 (KGU338) on 13:
RT2126 (KGK935) on 74:
A rather battered RTW365 (LLU515) also on 74:
As night falls we can't ID this passing RTW on route 6:
....but this is RF281 (MLL818) on Green Line route 716:
Lastly, RT3286 (LYR505) on route 188:
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