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Away For the Day (British Transport Films, 1952)
Entertaining documentary about coach travel actually includes fewer vehicles than you might think, but the footage is largely very good. In opening scenes Red and White 831 (FWO631) arrives to take on passengers. It's a 1947 Albion Valkyrie CX13 with Duple coachwork. Also seen in what can be seen as a continuity error is similar 806 (FWO606):
Another apparent continuity error, this is a bus not a coach, albeit a centre entrance example. The registration is unclear, but I believe it's 405 (CWO405), a 1939 Albion Valkyrie CX11/Duple:
This is followed by a smart pair of AEC Regal IIIs, also picking up passengers. Mansfield District 25 and 26 (KRR271 and KRR272) were new in 1949 with Weymann bodywork:
United Counties 841 (FRP841) is a then-new (in 1951) Bristol LWL6B with fully fronted Eastern Coachworks body:
More footage of Red and White 831:
...and United Counties 843 (FRP843) is another LWL6B carrying a brass band:
Emerging from the mist is Western National 1316, another 1951 Bristol LWL6B/Eastern Coachworks:
Another 1951 Bristol LWL6B/Eastern Coachworks, this time Eastern Counties, possibly LS708 (KNG708):
Next, a wonderful scene with a private hire featuring all four members of a batch of Windover bodied Bristol L6Bs new in 1950 to Thames Valley. In the background are a Thames Valley Bristol L or LWL bus and a London Transport Green Line AEC RT:
And now they set off, 555 (FMO937) followed by 553 (FMO935), 552 (FMO934) and 554 (FMO936):
A picnic with Hants and Dorset 691 (KEL734) in the background. It's a 1951 Bristol LL6B with Eastern Coachworks body:
....but this is again United Counties 841:
Footage of Brighton includes an AEC Regent open topper of Brighton Hove and District plying its trade on route 17:
After playing a concert, the brass band reboards United Counties 843:
....and Red and White 831 sets off for home:
......also Mansfield District 25 and 26. Note the Leyland Comet behind them preparing to leave. Also note the advertising board on 26, inviting you to travel with Mansfield District to support the local football club:
A final sequence showing schoolchildren arriving in London and being met by a fleet of London Transport 'deckers. On the front is RT1668 (KXW314), and least one of the buses behind is an RTL:
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