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Bridge of Song (1955, British Transport Films)

A 15 minute wide ranging look at different transport in Britain includes footage of London Transport's AEC RTs.

RT4143 (LYF202) on route 2:
STL1571 (CXX298) on route 16:
RT1920 (LLU840) on route 30:
Victoria Bus Station:
RT3406 (LYR625)(note the Q garage code), returning to Camberwell garage:
It's followed in by a line of other buses, including RT3926 (LLU725), but has to queue behind RT1954 (LUC40) to refuel:
Glimpsed is RT3412 (LYR631):
Next is the washer:
The camera pans along a line of parked or parking RTs, including RT1955 (LUC44), RT4151 (LYF210), RT3954 (LUC113):
RT4156 (LYF215), RT2596 (LYF321) and RT2526 (LYF175)
RT3925 (LLU724) and RT2594 (LYF319):
RT3410 (LYR629) RT3406 (LYR625) again:
RT1838 (KYY693) and RT1663 (KXW309):
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