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A Busman's Day (1947 documentary)
Made by the Norwich Busmens' Social Club, and now viewable on line at the East Anglian Film Archive , this is a fascinating look at a busy Eastern Counties bus garage and two stations soon after the Second World War. I'm indebted to Syd Eade and his encyclopaedic knowledge of Eastern Counties for the details quoted here.
There is good footage of LL523 (CNG223), a 1938 Bristol L4G:
....followed by a side view of LK43 (FNG810), a 1946 lowbridge Bristol K5G:
A prewar Leyland Titan passes, and we see footage inside the bus and in the cab:
Arrival at the bus station is noted:
KA755 (VG3354) a 1931 AEC Regal coach, is glimpsed as two drivers try to start P862 (DX8589, a Tilling-Stevens B10A2 new in 1930) with a starting handle:
An arriving Bristol K has modern destination indicators, which are contrasted with a selection of the traditional Eastern Counties hinged destination boards:
Scenes inside the garage show a variety of vehicles:
1947 lowbridge Leyland Titan PD1A AP357 (GPW357), and then we see a 1935 Leyland Titan TD4, AH236 (AAH140):
Prewar Bristol HLG10 (AVF352), a 1936 Bristol GO5G:
AH253 (VE310) turns in past other vehicles, then has its destination board changed. It looks like another Titan TD1, but it began life as Leyland Tiger TS2 AT77. Syd Eade explains: "VE310 was built as a Leyland Tiger TS2 saloon in 1929, but re-bodied by Eastern Coachworks with an H30/26R body in April 1936. It gained a Gardner 5LW engine in Jan 1939 and then had its chassis frames replaced in March 1946, so was by then a bit like a trusty old broom which only had new handles and brushes!"
1944 Bristol K6A LKH53 (FAH103) receives the same attention:
Titan TD2 AH190 (NG2725), new in 1932, turns in, and is then seen in traffic:
Stylish bodies:
Attention for J374 (VF2772), a 1928 ADC 425 new to United - note 'Eastern Counties' on the radiator:
LK146 (FAH102) a 1944 Bristol K6A, and LKH220 (FNG826), a brand new Bristol K5G:
More footage of LL523 (CNG223), a 1938 Bristol L4G:
KD132 (MV984), one of two 1931 AEC Regents new to Norwich:
A glimpse of the rear of AP365 (GPW365), a 1948 Titan PD1A:
On August Bank Holiday Monday, I believe this is AH285 (VF8514), an ex United Leyland TD1 new in 1930, helping shift the crowds:
....and D984 (CVF814), a 1939 Dennis Ace, passing a lowbridge 'decker - it's then seen reversing into the garage:
A Bristol K highbridger:
The film includes footage of the people who were involved in keeping the buses running, and fascinating footage inside the garage.
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