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Bus Station (1964, East Anglian Film Archive)
Amateur footage shot around Colchester Bus Station in 1964, viewable at the East Anglian Film Archive, featuring numerous buses and some of the staff.
Waiting is Eastern National 1632 (JWC718), a 1963 Bristol Lodekka FLF6B/Eastern Coachworks:
An Eastern National Bristol L/Eastern Coachworks:
Two more Eastern National Lodekkas, 1648 (VWC51), a 1963 FLF6G, and 2424 (883CEV), a 1955 LD5G:
Eastern National 2257 (ONO60), a 1949 lowbridge Bristol K5G/Eastern Coachworks:
2827 (JHK462C), a 1965 FLF6B:
Various parked buses:
1213 (YPU138), is a 1954 Bristol LS5G new as Westcliff on Sea 391:
Between the LS and an L is 1565 (57PPU) a 1959 Bristol Lodekka LD5G, also similar 2454 (433FEV), a 1956 example:
.......and a general bus station view:
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