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Car Surveillance (1974)
This gem from the American National Archives was apparently a CIA training film. Despite this it features a deadpan (British) commentary and obtrusive keyboard music on the soundtrack. The colour is very washed out, but it has footage of west London traffic, including an number of buses and coaches, such as West Yorkshire Road Car 1056, a 1974 Bristol RELH with Plaxton body, followed by one of London Transport's 1964 intake of AEC Routemasters, and in the same sequence an older Plaxton coach:
MBA581 (AML581H), a 1969 AEC Merlin/MCW:
The Duple bodied coach in the foreground may be a Bedford SB or a Thames Trader, but in the background are a London Transport Routemaster and a London Country Green Line Leyland-National:
This I believe is London Transport RT1674 (KXW320):
A Harrington Grenadier bodied AEC Reliance is passed twice:
Another LT AEC Merlin:
A series of red (London Transport) and green (London Country) AEC RFs and Routemasters, although the first does not appear to be in London Transport livery - I would welcome clarification:
Lastly we glimpse another London Country Green Line Leyland-National, one of the earler type with a long roof pod:
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