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Durham City Bus Travel (1971)

Viewable on the BFI website, this Bede College student film looks at buses in Durham, and a number of United Automobile buses are seen.

Footage panning across the bus garage shows United 4758 (KHN758D), a 1966 Bristol RELL6G/Eastern Coachworks, with a newer dual purpose Bristol RE hidden next to it:
We then see a Bristol LS/Eastern Coachworks, and closer to the camera United 528 (MHN228E), a 1967 Bristol Lodekka FLF6B/Eastern Coachworks
Next to it are two more Lodekkas, FLF6B 498 (GHN698D) new in 1966, and an unidentifiable LD6B from the batch xxxHHN new in 1959:
Next to the LD is another FLF, with two more Lodekkas behind. This one is from the FHNxxxC batch:
The two Lodekkas behind are revealed as an FLF and another LD6B from the 1959 xxxHHN batch, and we also see two Bristol RESL6Gs from the PHNxxxF batch:
A Bristol MW6G/Eastern Coachworks leaves the garage, passing similar 2655 (5055HN), and the rear view reveals it to be from the same batch:
A Sunderland District rear engined 'decker, either a Daimler Fleetline or a Leyland Atlantean, loads in the bus station:
1962 Bristol MW6G/Eastern Coachworks 2598 (5028HN) passes the camera:
A better view of a Sunderland District bus, this time 295 (YPT295), a 1958 Leyland Titan PD3/4 with Burlingham H41/32RD body:
United 119 (119BHN), a 1957 Bristol Lodekka LD6B/Eastern Coachworks, is followed by a Bristol MW:
Another MW enters the garage:
United Bristol RELL6G/Eastern Coachworks 4231 (BHN431H) is seen being cleaned inside:
....and 1968 Bristol Lodekka FLF6G 558 is put through the bus washer:
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