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Going Places: The Story of Sunderland Transport (1955)
A detailed look at Sunderland Corporation Transport, with views of many buses in the fleet going about their business, but also the trams in their final months; the system was closed in October 1954. In this opening view a Guy Arab leads two trams:
Down at street level, we see bus 205 (EBR205), a 1954 Daimler CVG5/Roe:
165 (DBR665, Daimler CVG5/Roe) is seen from behind:
204 (EBR204), 159 (DBR659) and 161 (DBR661), three more Roe-bodied Daimler CVG5:
A glimpse of 70 (GR7745), a 1943 Guy Arab II/Massey:
The 1943 utility Daimler that follows cannot be identified:
122 (BGR422), a 1951 Daimler CVG6/Roe:
177 (DBR677), a 1954 Guy Arab III/Crossley:
116 (BGR416), a 1951 Daimler CVG6/Roe:
There follow a number of trams. 21 and 26 date from 1900:
The current tram fleet, immediately prior to withdrawal, looks rather tired:
Back to the buses: 142 (DBR42) is a 1953 Daimler CVG5/Roe
A nice overhead shot:
162 (DBR662), a 1954 Daimler CVG5/Roe:
127 (BGR427), a 1951 Daimler CVG6/Roe:
170 (DBR670), a 1954 Daimler CVG5/ACB:
160 (DBR660), a 1954 Daimler CVG5/Roe:
145 (DBR45), a 1953 Daimler CVG5/Roe:
120 (BGR420), a 1951 Daimler CVG5/Roe:
205 (EBR205), a 1954 Daimler CVG5/Roe:
Rear view of 95 (GR9927), a 1948 Damler CVG6/Massey:
108 (AGR458), a 1950 Daimler CVG6/Roe:
120 (BGR420), 1951 Daimler CVG6/Roe, passes an older Daimler in the original red and cream livery:
A driver starts 149 (DBR649, 1954 Daimler CVG5/Roe) and drives it away from the garage. Seen behind (again) is 95 (GR9927):
163 (DBR663), a 1954 Daimler CVG5/Roe:
122 (BGR422), a 1951 Daimler CVG6/Roe:
200 (EBR200, 1954 Daimler CVG5/Roe) pulls out from alongside similar 208 (EBR208)
10 (GR9004), a 1947 all-Crossley DD42/3, passes a Daimler CVG5/Roe:
200 returns to the garage; there's a view of a service vehicle parked n the forecourt:
143 (DBR43, 1953 Daimler CVG5/Roe) refuels:
200 has been moved back into line, and is now next to similar 199 (EBR199)
158 (DBR658, 1954 Daimler CVG5/Roe) receives attention:
82 (GR9113, 1947 AEC Regent III/Roe) and 16 (GR8098, 1946 Daimler CWD6/Massey) receive more serious engine surgery:
CVG5s 140 and 143 (DBR40 and DBR43) are put through the washer:
75 (GR7771), a 1943 Guy Arab II/Massey, is driven onto an inspection pit:
There is final footage of CVG5 161, but also a glimpse of 100 (ABR433), a 1949 all-Crossley DD42/7C:
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