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A Journey by a London Bus (1950 public information film)
A 1950 public information film, which appears quaint and politically incorrect to modern eyes, but has (no surprise) interest for the bus enthusiast.
Opening scenes show London teeming with RT family buses and STLs:
Out in more rural surroundings a pair of RTs approaches, Park Royal-bodied RT937(JXN327) and Weymann-bodied RT1095 (JXN123), while another passes in the other direction:
The narrator describes how two 'African students studying in London', who've been walking in the fields and now need to get back to their studies, prepare to catch the bus. They join the queue at the bus stop - the roofbox RT that arrives is RT1480 (KGK739), another from Potters Bar, one of 120 AEC RTs that were bodied by Cravens in 1948. Note the shallow front bulkhead window compared to a Park Royal or Weymann body; there's also an extra window upstairs and downstairs:
There's also a rear view, somewhat clearer, showing the bus to be on route 134:
Another roofbox RT seen is Park Royal-bodied RT219 (HLW206), and two more are RT942 (JXN332) and RT1551 (KGU443), both Park Royal without a roofbox, all three Potters bar based:
The film concludes on arrival in London with more general footage:
A Green Line T-class AEC Regal is followed by an RTL on route 88, an RT or RTL on route 12, and an STL on route 5:
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