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London on the Move (British Transport Films documentary, 1970)
A classic short film about London's transport opens with footage of Victoria Bus Station, including Red Arrow MBA22 (VLW22G), a MCW bodied AEC Merlin. As the camera pans back, more Merlins are seen, plus AEC Routemasters and an AEC RT::
MBA23 (VLW23G) and RM1672 (672DYE):
RM1163 (163CLT) and RM1823 (823DYE), an unidentified RML and RM1808 (808DYE)
RM1225 (225CLT), a classic shot of a convoy of RMs in London traffic, and RM1306 (306CLT)
A Green Line RMC leads an AEC RF from the same fleet and a red RM:
A Red Arrow XMS class AEC Merlin/Strachan passes at speed, with a Bristol MW in the background,while RM320 (WLT320) passes XMS5 (JLA55D),one of the initial batch of six; another unidentified XMS:
Strachan bodied AEC Merlins XMS8 (JLA59D) and XMS7 (JLA58D) were new as XMB3 and XMB2 in the Country fleet before being rebuilt and renumbered for the Red Arrow fleet. Note the passengers at the windows of XMS9 - these buses were standee type:
MBS class Merlins on route W1 at Turnpike Lane Bus Station, and an AEC RT pulling into Stockwell garage:
RM1726 (726DYE), blinded for route 88, passes through the bus wash:
A Leyland RTW demonstrates the skidpan:
The camera zooms out from XMS9 (JLA60D), another Red Arrow Merlin/Strachan new as a Country Area XMB, to encompass busy Victoria Bus Station, in which the two different-bodied Merlins are flanked by an RT and an RM:
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