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Mining Review (1947-1983)
Monthly review shown in cinemas in British mining areas.
Year 2 number 11:
Dating from 1949, this short features singer Paul Robeson visiting an Edinburgh colliery. (Screencaps by Bob Wingrove)
A view of an unknown bus station is followed by a brief shot of the National Coal Board's HQ in London and a London Transport STL.
Robeson sang at a benefit concert for miners at Edinburgh's Usher Hall. A Bedford OB is seen outside the hall, then there are a number of views of some of the coaches bringing miners to the concert.

Year 2 number 12:
Bob Wingrove comments: "Not all the mining reviews looked at mines. This one followed various miners on holiday. The interesting thing about the Blackpool segment with its Blackpool boat tram,(beside the sea) is that the miner, Mr Purdey complained that the film wasn't shown on the day it was supposed to. These films were supplied free of charge to Cinemas locally and they were used on the basis of bumping up the quota of British films that had to be shown (something along the lines of the quota quickies), but it appears that some were claimed to have been shown but not."
"The other segment of this film is Pitmans Derby in Newcastle, where there are some fine shots of Newcastle Corporation pre-war Daimlers in the original blue livery, and a Leyland Titan PD2, fleet number 212."
Year 16 number 6
A story from South Wales " tells the story of how a worked out mine was gradually closed down and the miners transferred to Deep Duffryn Mine some ten miles away as it still had capacity to absorb the extra staff. Goes into great detail about what is needed to be done to make the miners feel happy about the changes and how much is done for them. Two coaches were used to ferry the miners, one a Bedford/Duple and the other a Commer Duple. Nice shot of the owners name on the boot too."
Year 20 number 9
In a segment about a miner's daughter who is also a model, she is seen going to work in Coalville in Leicestershire, with a Duple bodied coach in the background. She works at the Palitoy factory making Tiny Tears dolls. A Midland Red BMMO D9 is seen at night.
In the segment 'North Star' a view of Barnsley market in South Yorkshire also includes two Yorkshire Traction buses, a Leyland PD3A and a Leyland Atlantean:
Year 32 number 1
"Nice shot of a Bedford OB with Beadle body, ex Crosville Motor Services, in service with Thomas Bros but notice that it also has an on hire sticker in the window, I just cannot make it out!"
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