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Moving Millions (1947, Crown Film Unit documentary)
Classic depiction of London's transport at work opens with a London Transport T class AEC Regal under the title - it's T548 (ELP272) operating Green Line 725, while what appears to be a D class Daimler CW passes the other way. T548 was newly returned to bus work, having been requisitioned as an ambulance in 1939:
This is followed frustratingly by another vehicle hidden by opening credits - AEC Renown LT408 (GO632) on route 163:
....and an overhead view of Victoria Bus Station:
Country Area STL1952 (DLU150) on route 305:
Although the editing of the film implies this is the same vehicle, actually it's STL2169 (DYL821):
Green Line AEC Q Q191 works route 724:
STL317 (AUC586) is seen on route 15:
Transport alternatives are represented by a tram on route 31 and 1937 Leyland/MCW trolleybus 747 (DLY747), an F1 class on route 607:
More footage of Victoria Bus Station, including LT977 (GW5844), and a view of STD156 (HLW85, a 1946 Leyland Titan PD1), shouldering past LT631 (GP3594), followed by another overhead shot:
An anonymous STL on route 137:
In Victoria Gillingham Street garage STD113 (HGF991) moves out from between STL1941 (DLU304) and STL1651 (CXX350):
As it leaves the garage a BOAC Commer Commando deck and a half airport bus and a T can be glimpsed in background.
It passes STL1337 (CLX527) being washed:
There are scenes of buses being overhauled:
RT57 (FXT232) sets off from Putney garage to operate route 72, passing LT670 (GT5058):
STL1226 (CLE1226) makes two runs on a skidpan:
A D class Daimler DW passes a line of buses brought in to serve Epsom Racecourse. Visible are STLs and an LT:
Scenes of the massive crowds - visible is STL1966 (DLU163)
Three G class Guy Arabs lead a line of LTs, Arab IIs G170 (GYL309), G151 (GYE95) and and Arab I G38 (GLF688):
Unidentified LT:
An interesting comparison: a partially-bodied RT passes early 2RT2 type RT57 (FXT232):
Assorted STLs and LTs:
Another F1 trolleybus on route 607, 674 (DLY674):
Another Green Line Q, this time on route 725, Q202 (CXX395):
STD17 (DLU327), a Leyland Titan TD4, on route 13,passes an STL:
STL2175 (DYL827) on route 6:
An unidentified LT leads STL266 (AGX591) and LT33 (UU6675):
STL458 (AYV621) leads STL1661 (CXX369):
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