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The Open Road (1926, dir Claude Friese-Greene)
A travelogue showing a journey between Lands End and John O'Groats, ending in London, shot between 1924 and 1926 using an experiment two colour process devloped by the director. The colour is a little inconsistent, but the footage is fascinating.
This Leyland charabanc is seen in the South West - Cheddar Gorge?:
There are views of trams in Cardiff and Liverpool:
Difficult to identify this small bus in the market square in Dumfries:
...or this one accompanied by a tram in an unknown location:
Edinburgh trams:
Near London's Tower Bridge, a tram turns, followed by an LGOC AEC NS, while another NS heads straight ahead:
LGOC NS1091 (XP8262) leads another NS, followed by two more, one of which is a later covered top version:
LGOC NS92 (XN7048) waits at a junction on route 11 alongside a similar vehicle on route 51; three more are seen moving away from the same junction:
More LGOC buses at the Cenotaph and near Trafalgar Square:
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