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Safety All The Way (1953, road safety promotional film)
Presents footage of cyclists and drivers doing stupid and dangerous things on the streets of Oxford (nothing new, then).
Two fully fronted Eastern Coachworks Bristol L6Bs are seen in convoy. They're from the EBDxxx bath new to United Counties in 1950. Some of the batch spent time with South Midland, and would have naturally been operating in Oxford, but the registrations are indistinct, and the presence of what appear to be fleet number plates suggest that they're running for United Counties:
Two Weymann bodied City of Oxford AEC Regent IIIs pass on the street. THe nearer is H900 (OFC401, new in 1949), the bus passing on the other side is H912 (PWL423), new in 1952:
Aerial views of City of Oxford Regents including a view of the High:
Also in the High is this Crosville Bristol LS/Eastern Coachworks, but we only glimpse the City of Oxford AEC Regal II/Willowbrook passing in the other direction:
A Leyland Tiger drops passengers while passed by City of Oxford H876 (MWL976), a 1948 AEC Regent II/Weymann. As it leaves the kerb and draws closer, it's revealed as Frostways of Kennington 16 (HVO126), a 1947 Leyland Tiger PS1/1 with Duple body new as Barton 491:
More City of Oxford AEC Regents:
Two coaches parked in St Giles: KTG516 of Fred Davies of London, a 1950 Commer Avenger/Plaxton new to Doolan of Neath, parked behind South Midland 90, a 1953 Bristol LS6B/Eastern Coachworks:
A Black and White Motorways coach speeds through a back street:
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