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The Warden and His Duty (1961 public information film)
Bob Wingrove supplied the screen captures and comments:"Home Office film examines the demands made on the Civil Defence warden should a nuclear war break out, and his role in helping a stricken and traumatised public. It shows how he should check his area noting down any vehicles that can be used, stores that can be commandeered etc. In the pictures showing the Duple Super Vegas look out for the Bedford OWB tucked at the back too. The Bristol Lodekka is from the Bristol fleet judging by the destination display. The Rodway coach is reg 58BMF." Of the two Super Vega coaches, the right (XYOxxx) is a Thames Trader; the left (287BLB) is a Bedford SB1? 58BMF is a Bedford SBG/Duple.
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