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Wise and Otherwise (1947 public information film)

An educational health and safety film from 1947, shot in Cambridge and featuring Eastern Counties vehicles. Now viewable on line at the East Anglian Film Archive.

Thanks to Syd Eade for help with the vehicle ids:

A schoolgirl runs to join a group of children boarding Eastern Counties AH314 (VE4200), a 1930 Leyland Titan TD1:
An unidentified Bristol L4G, apparently from the CNGxxx batch:
Eastern Counties AH293 (VE4209) a 1930 Leyland Titan TD1:
This is too distant to identify fully:
Our schoolgirl gets off a Leyland Titan. According to continuity this should be AH314 again, but what's seen is A303 (VE2042), a 1929 TD1:
Also seen is AH312 (VE4203), another 1930 TD1, and AH293 (VE4209) appears again:
A177 (NG1912), a 1932 TD1, is seen from the front and the back, and presumably this is the same vehicle's cab:
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