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2Point4 Children (BBC situation comedy, 1991-9)
Episode 1.2 Saturday Night and Sunday Morning
Bill (Belinda Lang) brings the shopping home aboard former London Transport MD98 (OUC98R), a Scania Metropolitan BR111DH/MCW, displaying '237 Shepherds Bush'. The depot code (WP) displayed is fictional.
When the bus stops and the exit door closes before she can get off, she has to resort to unconventional means to press the bell, since both hands are occupied with shopping bags. As she puts it "Playtex 1, London Transport 0"!
MD98 had been disposed of by London Transport to Brakells of Cheam.

Episode 2.1: I'm Going Slightly Mad
Bill travels by bus to the Social Security office - again it's a Scania Metropolitan, and again her exit is less than dignified, but we only see interiors clearly:
The brief exterior shot is indistinct, but it appears this is MD99 (OUC99R), also in use with Brakells:

Episode 2:7 Thank Your Lucky Stars
Second half of a double episode devoted to Rona's (Julia Hills) wedding. Due to circumstances beyond her control she travels to her wedding on a London Transport Metropolitan - interiors only again, so no ID this time:
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