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4 x 4 (BBC documentary series, 2002)
A May 2002 edition of this set of four short reports by different reporters included a piece on the high cost of homes in the south east of England, and the
difficulties in recruiting essential workers. Footage of Reading included an interview with the driver of Reading Transport Optare Delta 519 (N519YTF). A brief sequence at Reading's garage also included several other vehicles including a Metrobus; this was followed by an aerial shot of the garage.

The following week's programme looked at 'Britain in a Jam' and discussed traffic congestion. "A report about congestion charging, which concentrated on London, had many buses in the background. Those identifiable were Arriva London North M1321 (C321BUV) and DBS14 (R213CKO), plus First London (CentreWest in old money!)TN805 (T805LLC). The latter was a little blurred, so that ID might be wrong. A later report on how kids get to school included several scenes using Yorkshire Rider S003 (YS51 JVH), one of their three Blue Bird school buses." (thanks Graeme Selway)
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