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The '50s and '60s in Living Colour (Testimony FilmsITV documentary series, 2003)
Documentary takes its footage from feature films and newsreel of the period.

Part 1: All Shook Up

Includes a glimpse of a London Transport RT and other RT-family vehicles, also footage from an unnamed movie showing a group of teenagers running for and catching a London Transport RT or RTL possibly blinded for route 3, and some footage of buses in London at night. Also a clip from the 1962 movie 'Some People' has a scene featuring a Photo-Me booth apparently at a bus station; a green half-cab bus is seen reflected in the mirror on the side of the booth! The film was shot in Bristol.

Part 2: Home Sweet Home

Has a brief clip of a Sunderland Corporation exposed radiator Daimler CVG5/Roe (which is repeated in part 3). Later, there is a brief clip showing a blue Guy Arab (Alexanders) while the conductor winds up the destination 'Glenrothes' - this is from a promotional film 'New Day' shot by Films of Scotland to promote the new town of Glenrothes. Chris Hough comments: "The old pre split Alexander company bought large numbers of austerity double deck Guy Arabs in the early fifties when London Transport sold them off as non standard. They were spread over the system with large concentrations in Fife and Perthshire. Many of them survived the splitting of the company and lasted into the mid sixties. Even in the period before the splitting of the company some of the Arabs were in a red livery for Perth town services (red was the old municipal colour) or for the David Lawson subsidiary which ran in the Glasgow area."

Part 3: The Open Road

Much of interest here as this hour concentrates on transport, although some of the commentary on the rise of the private motor car is hopelessly rose-tinted:

A Glasgow tram is seen on route 9, also several red/cream (Sunderland?) trams, and tram conductors and conductresses.
A line of Sunderland Corporation Daimler CVG5/Roe, are seen at the depot; 200 (EBR200, built 1954) is seen leaving.
There is also footage shot from above. Sunderland 145, another CVG5/Roe (exposed radiator, built 1953) is seen.
A housewife is seen running for a London Country Area AEC Regent III RT - there are outside and inside shots. This clip is taken from the British Transport Films 'All Our Mighty Heart'.
Back to Sunderland, and footage of 205 (EBR205) on route 15 to Telford Road, then back again to the RT.
A switch to rural Scotland, and extended footage inside and out of a blue Alexander Bedford OWB/Duple, possibly W30 (WGxxxx), going about its business, including acting as a post bus.
At this point there is also footage of the blue Pulman railway train, and long distance lorry drivers stopping at a transport cafe.
We then see London Transport conductors in training, and the interior of a London Transport garage: RTs, RTLs and an RM are seen, and an RTL is pulling out. Routemaster RM403 (WLT403) is seen leaving the garage on route 48.
We see an RT family bus on service 38A, then RTL778 (KYY748) on route 2A from Stockwell garage, and RT2309 (KGU338) on route 13.
Footage of busy London streets includes several roofbox RTs, also RTL831 (KYY801) on route 13. A London Transport canteen. RM403 is seen again in the garage alongside an RTL.
An RT on 88 and an RTL on 24 are seen side by side at a junction, then a roofbox RT on service 25, the rear of an RT family vehicle on service 3, a closeup of RTL1001 (KYY644) on service 137, some general footage, lastly a Glasgow Corporation AEC Regent V.
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