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Angels (BBC hospital soap opera, 1975-83)
Helen Brunton recalls how when this 50 minute drama was changed to a 25 minute format, it also changed location from Battersea in London to Birmingham. Although most location shooting was in Birmingham, the hospital scenes were actually at Walgrave Hospital in Coventry. The ring road surrounding the site was used for cast arrivals and departures. Arrivals or departures by bus were filmed here using West Midlands Travel buses displaying "City" as their destination board; it referred to Coventry city centre but doubled for Birmingham.
Alan Watkins comments: "The final episode of the TV nurses drama, Angels, involved a scene supposedly of a National Express coach arriving at Victoria and offloading one of the heroines as she started a new career with her boyfriend. The BBC wanted to film it on a Bank Holiday Monday in Victoria, although they were filming the other scenes in and around Coventry. I was then PRO at National Express (having recently left Midland Red's subsidiaries). I arranged for several standby National Express coaches to
be used, which were driven round and round Nuneaton garage. A corner was converted into a frighteningly accurate representation of the then-Victoria Coach Station (dirty tea machine, handful of benches, loads or rubbish, a dirty old newspaper in pieces etc) and on my insistence they even provided about 30 extras.
I have only seen it the once: does that scene still exist, and if so does anyone know where I can get a copy? -
I ask because my wife and our then baby-in-arms son (now a strapping adult) appear in it."
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