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The Antiques Roadshow (BBC reality show 1979-)

Long running show that gets out and about in the UK examining and valuing the prized possessions of members of the public.

Episodes 40.23 and 40.25: Abbey Pumping Station:

A background is provided by three preserved buses - Leicester Corporation 329 (CBC921), a 1939 AEC Renown/Northern Counties, and 164 (TBC164), a 1958 Leyland Titan PD3/Willowbrook, also Delaine 47 (MTL750) a 1958 Leyland Tiger Cub with rare Yeates Europa body. It's a shame that none is particularly clearly seen:

Episode 41.09 and 41.14: Aerospace Bristol:
Three Bristol buses in Bristol - Bath Tramways L8089 (OHY938), a 1952 lowbridge Bristol KSW/Eastern Coachworks, and C3386 (JHT802), a 1946 highbridge Bristol K/Eastern Coachworks, plus one other, again, none of them clearly seen:
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