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Apocalypse: La Deuxième Guerre Mondiale (National Geographic documentary series, 2009)
French six part documentary put together entirely from footage shot during the Second World War, some of it extremely harrowing, narrated by Mathieu Kassovitz. There is also an English language version 'Apocalypse: The Second World War', narrated by Martin Sheen. Some of the black and white footage has been colourised.

Episode 1: L'agression
Contrasting footage of Berlin Bussing D2 doubledeckers and London Transport STs and STLs:

Episode 2: L'écrasement:
In this episode the colourisation runs astray. Footage from Jersey under German occupation shows this view of Jersey Motor Traction 25 (J6332), a 1932 Leyland Titan TD2, following what appears to be a Leyland Lion. It's been coloured in a faded red, rather than the traditional JMT green, in which this Titan is now preserved. As you can see, the colouriser missed a panel on the rear of the bus. which is still grey.
The original footage features in a British Movietone presentation on the liberation of the Channel Isles:
This London Transport LT class AEC Renown on route 3 has been left grey rather than coloured red:
The famous footage of a wrecked London Transport STL576 (AYV743) has been partially colourised:

Episode 3: Le choc
A passing London Transport LT class AEC Renown:

Episode 4: L'embrasement
Scenes in New York include a Yellow Coach 740....:
...and a Yellow Coach 718:
Japanese Americans are seen being transported to internment camps, the bus in question is a Pacific Greyhound Lines Yellow Coach 740:
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