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The Apprentice (NBC game show, 2004-)
US version of the hardnosed reality TV show: Geoff Cook notes "Many New York (MTA) buses seen in this show, in cityscape shots. Tonight, in an aerial shot of the city, 5028 and 2828 were readable with fleet numbers on their roofs!!"

Season 6 Episode 3 sees two teams competing to provide the best bus tour of Los Angeles. The vehicles are provided by Star Line Tours. The show is enlivened by a trip on a replica trolley to set the scene:
There are views of LA's streets:
The main duel takes place using two Bristol VRTSL3/Eastern Coachworks. The first has the destination screen panelled over, but retains original tan-coloured seating.
The driver's seat would be familiar in the UK:
The second bus has a destination indicator but non-original seating:
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